It says it all in the name... DCS Custom Fabrication.  From Basically Mild, to Extravagantly Wild, we can do it all.

Diesel Truck components used to be solely our specialty. Basic or Custom Tips, Stacks, Headache Racks, or Traction Bar Kits are just a few, but check out our Metal Products to see more.

But now, we have wood. All the same hand-built custom fabrication, with a new material!

Aside from the usual, our custom ability comes into play. Anything and Everything you may need built, we can do. From Custom Rock Crawlers, to Farm Equipment, sometimes you just need something custom built you can't find anywhere else.. That's why DCS FAB is here!


DCS FAB was founded in 2016 by Owner and Operator Dallas Saunders. Dallas developed early key skills in not only building and fabricating, but running a smooth, Customer-Based Company.

We strongly pride our fabrication abilities, but not just that. Customer Experience is one of our strongest goals. Creating an effortless, accommodated experience to all of our customers is essential. We will Listen, Construct, Aid, and Work with anyone and their custom ideas, not only before the item is designed and built, but after.

We love our customers, so we are always willing to help. From technical instructions or help with Installation, to wanting to support our company and becoming a sponsored member, we are here to help. 

Who we are

After developing this essential background, Dallas took his obsessions with Trucks, Jeeps, Offroading, Outdoors, and Fabrication and decided to share this obsession with the World, by creating not only a Company, but a Brand.

We know the blood, sweat, and tears that go into your build, so we are more than Proud to be a part of it! Once you acquire any DCS FAB product, you are part of the DCS Team! 

We Truly appreciate the chance you have given us to build your product, the way you want it. For any questions, comments, or help please don't hesitate to Contact Us

From owner Dallas Saunders and our entire dcsfab crew

Thank you and have a great day!!



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